Here are some comments from past clients of Chorlton Counselling.

The comments were gathered via my feedback process and have been used anonymously and with permission.

"Tom is extremely insightful, wise and kind. I always looked forward to meeting with him as I would come out of the meetings with plenty of food for thought and feeling better about myself. With Tom I was able to explore reasons behind negative self-image and patterns of behaviour. He was able to show me what were good points about myself I hadn't always noticed or been able to acknowledge as well as helping me see where my own behaviour was negatively affecting my life and those of the people around me. I am now able to implement changes and am already seeing the positive effects of doing so. I am incredibly grateful to Tom for what he has done for me." .

Ms CM, Manchester, January 2015

"Tom provides a patient, non-judgemental and honest ear in a relaxed and comfortable environment."

Ms ZD of Glasgow, January 2015

"My initial reservations regarding the counselling process and how it could help me were acknowledged by Tom who practiced a confidential, patient and non judgmental approach to our sessions. This enabled me to explore and challenge my perceptions; providing me with the capacity to think more clearly and more forwards in a more positive direction. Tom was excellent."

Ms H A, Manchester, October 2014

I found Tom very amiable and friendly upon meeting him. he took great interest in me and my problem. His manner is most calm and he makes you feel at ease in his company. Tom worked with me for about 6 weeks and in that time we established a good rapport. I feel that he helped me greatly overcome my problem. He is an honest person who seems to want to help you overcome your problem. I would use Tom's services again in the future and I have no problem in recommending him at all.

Mr H, Manchester, September 2014

The Counselling Rooms were both accessible and comfortable. The approachability of Tom was excellent, as was his professionalism.

The counselling helped me immensely. I was able to talk about things I have never been able to talk about before.

I would definitely recommend this counselling service to other people.

Ms R.K., Whalley Range, August 2014