Tom Recommends…

Here you will find books, articles and people I recommend.


The Interpretation of Dreams

by Sigmund Freud, 872 pages, Pelican Freud Library (Penguin)

A revelatory read.


Words and Music: A History of Pop in the Shape of a City

by Paul Morley 360pp, Bloomsbury

The only book I have ever read that has changed the way I listen to music.


They F*** You Up: How To Survive Family Life

by Oliver James, paperback, 384 pages. Published September 30th 2006, Bloomsbury

Ever wondered why we keep saying the same things, making the same old mistakes? Almost as if we’re acting out a script? This book might help you to understand that this is what we have learnt to do. It isn’t innate. Even better, we can change our scripts, improvise and become different people. Recommended for anyone dissatisfied with their family role.

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