Imposter Syndrome

The English class system has always encouraged people to, “know your place”. Working class people are told not to get, “too big for your boots” or, “above yourself”. This is a reinforcement of the status quo. It has always occurred and continues – right up to the present day. Additionally, it is often self-enforced. Young, working class people are told by other working class people: “Don’t get any big ideas”. Whereas, the message for Eton students is: “Anything is possible. You can be World King, if you want to be.”


Imposter Syndrome is the name given to that pervasive feeling that you just don’t belong; that you will be found out; that you are not really good enough for the decently paid, rewarding job that you are in. Everyone else is fine. You, however, are a fraud. This is something I encounter frequently in my psychotherapy practice.


Good article from Rik Worth, in the “Huffington Post”, on Imposter Syndrome and the English class system: