Stop Smoking For Good

Stop Smoking For Good


Question: Can hypnotherapy help you to stop smoking – for good?

Answer: Yes, provided you are already highly motivated.

I smoked for over twenty-five years and hypnotherapy played a fundamental part in my stopping for good. If your motivation is strong, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence in support of the efficacy of hypnotherapy in smoking cessation:

However, before deciding to embark upon a course of hypnotherapy – or any other smoking cessation strategy – I believe that you should take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror. Then ask yourself the following questions: “Do I really want to stop smoking – now?” “Do I really want to stop smoking – for good?”

If the honest answer to both questions is “yes” then I am convinced that hypnotherapy can help you. It has the added advantages of being generally enjoyable (based as it is upon relaxation); drug free; and relatively rapid (between one and four sessions should suffice).

The benefits of stopping smoking are huge. In addition to increased lung power, better skin, more money, losing my smoker’s cough and ridding myself of pins-and-needles, I have discovered that I am better able to concentrate – and generally happier, as a non-smoker.

I would probably have stopped for good even without hypnotherapy. But I believe that it would have taken me longer and been a more painstaking process. In the event, one hypnotherapy session was enough to convince me that I need never, ever, smoke again.

If you are committed to stopping smoking for good, I wish you the best of luck!

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