About Tom

Painting of Tom Bailey

Painting of Tom Bailey by Rob Floyd

I have always been interested in people and what makes them ‘tick'; what motivates them to do certain things; make certain choices; behave towards some people in certain ways and others differently. Moral and ethical dilemmas fascinated me and led me into a degree in philosophy.

I have been writing fiction for some years and am two thirds of the way through the first draft of a novel about a deranged businessman. It is set in contemporary England and is a comedy.

I enjoy distance running and yoga. In April 2015, I will be taking part in my first marathon – in my home city of Manchester. I hope to run it in 3 hours, thirty minutes. Note the word “hope”.

Update: I had to pull out of the Manchester Marathon, due to tendinosis in my Achilles tendon. There is always next year…

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