Alcohol is Britain’s Most Dangerous Drug

Professor David Knutt, prominent neuropsychopharmacologist, has stated clearly what some of us have believed for a long time: alcohol is Britain’s most dangerous drug, by far:¬† His claim is backed by hard, scientific research, undertaken by The Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs. Its findings can be read in the medical journal, “The Lancet”.


Many, including some in government and those with links to the powerful alcohol industry, will not want people to listen to Professor Knutt’s claim, or to read the scientific evidence. Perhaps there are parallels between our society’s relationship with alcohol in 2020 and its relationship with tobacco in 1960, say. The truth was out but a lot of powerful people spent a lot of time and money attempting to suppress that truth.


Today, of course, smoking tobacco remains legal in Britain. Its dangers are universally acknowledged, however. The truth has a habit of emerging… eventually.